How To Download Instagram Photos Free (Online Tool)

Download Instagram Photos

You can download Instagram Photos and then use it to share it through email, chat messengers, what’s an app, etc. But for that, you need the photos saved in your phone gallery or on your PC desktop. So if you’re looking to find a way to download Instagram Photos then you are on the right page. You can, however, save for those through a simple, save feature of Instagram. There is a small label signed on the top right of each that will help you to save the photos you want to see later. But if you want to permanently download Instagram Photos then all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Instagram is one of the most popular image-sharing social media platforms that everyone loves. It is an amazing platform to showcase your artistic photos and get inspired. With over more than 700 million active users Instagram is one of the largest social media network worlds. The creative touch of Instagram makes it a unique social media site compared to others like Facebook. Because images play a big role Instagram is all about creativity. When you scan through the trending section of Instagram or follow your favorite friends or accounts, you will see their posts are so different compared to what PC on Facebook or Twitter. Because Instagram focuses a lot on images and especially images that can talk. Many times it happens that you might have landed upon an amazing image you want to keep or save it in your phone to share the data with your friends. Or if you just want to share it with someone is not on Instagram, so what can you too?

Instagram brings some of the most amazing content around the globe, in terms of images and videos Instagram is simply outstanding. But it does not allow you to download those photos and videos on your device or your PC. That is the reason if you want to share something you have to share the Instagram post URL. Only after that, a user which is not on Instagram can view it through a web browser. But this does not mean you cannot download Instagram photos. There are many ways of doing this, and we’re going to share the top ways to download Instagram photos.

How to Download Instagram Photos – Online Method

download instagram photos

If you instantly want to download Instagram Photos on your PC and there is an online Method that can save your time but you need and the browser. For this go to Paste the photo link that you can find by clicking on the three dots on the top right side of the image and then clicking on the copy link. Just copy this link to Click on download in will get an additional download image button below. Just click on the download image and the image file will be saved in your system. This is the fastest way to download Instagram Photos on a PC, an online method that can be used on the mobile phone also. There are many different off-line methods also which can be used if you have access to different websites. Within simple snipping tool, you can capture a portion of the image and save it, and share it with your friends. But in this method, you will need the image URL, while in the off-line method doesn’t need any URL.

download instagram photos

How to Download Instagram Photos On PC – Offline Method

To download Instagram Photos on a PC running Windows, Linux or Mac OS, you will just need a web browser and the simple tool to capture a screenshot. By default operating system has this feature integrated or you can also use third-party software. Below are methods to download Instagram Photos on a PC based on the different operating system.

Download Instagram Photos on PC: Windows, Mac & Linux

download instagram photos

Go and Login with your user ID and Password. Once you are logged in you can use two methods to download Instagram Photos on a Windows PC, first by using Snipping Tool and second by using the Print Screen feature.

download instagram photos

Click on Start and in the search box type snip, you will see a tool with scissor icon. Launch and it will appear as a small window on the main screen. Go to your Instagram profile and select the image you want to download. Now click on New in snipping tool and drag the crosshair from left to select the image. That’s it. Click on Save and you can now save these images anywhere on your Windows PC. A second way to do this is by pressing the PrtScr key on the keyboard. But it will capture the full screen and you will need to crop it using Microsoft Picture Manager or Photoshop.

On a Mac system press Command + Shift + 4 to run the mouse cursor into a crosshair. You can then select the portion of the screen, in the same manner, we did on Windows PC and save the file. To capture the whole screen press Command + Shift + 3. For the Linux system use Lightscreen or any snipping tool alternative to download Instagram Photos.

How to Download Instagram Photos on Mobile – Android Smartphone & iPhone

download instagram photos 

You can use the same method of visiting, to download Instagram Photos on Android Smartphone. All you have to do is find the image URL that will be used to fetch the image. Just add the URL and tap on Download button and tap again on the Download Image button. The image will be downloaded instantly and saved in your phone gallery. The same feature works on laptops or PC running Windows or Mac operating system. Similar to downloading YouTube video many online services can help you to download photos on Instagram.

With the help of, you can instantly download Instagram photos on mobile phones and Tablet. There is no need to install any application for this but beware of the re-directions. The same website also allows you to download Instagram videos. You just have to provide the URL of the post and click on the download button.

How to download all Instagram photos to mobile?

download instagram photos

Launch the Instagram app on your mobile phone, and tap on the three lines on top right to access the Settings section of the Instagram App. It is at the bottom of the right menu.

download instagram photos

Tap on the account section and then tap on Original Post. From here once you enable saving of all Instagram posts it will be stored in your phone gallery.

download instagram photos

Just drag the sliders to the right to save Original Posts, Saved Post Photos, and Saved Post Videos. When you enable this option Instagram App will store all the photos and videos from your phone in your device. It is the best way to download everything in one shot from Instagram.

 How to Download Multiple Photos from Instagram?

All the above methods will help you to download single Instagram photos on a PC or a mobile phone. But there is a challenge where you have to download multiple photos or videos at a single time Instagram. To some extent, it is not possible because the tools do not have access to any media on Instagram. You have two go by copying the link of every photo and then place them on online services like collect the images and save them in your gallery. However, you can at least save all your photos on your personal Instagram account. Yes, for that you do not need any online service or a third-party app.

If you want to download all the photos from your Instagram profile and save them on your phone, then there is an option for that. The method is applicable to save photos from other profiles or any photo that you want to have on your phone. But if you want to save all the photos from your profile directly to your phone, then you have to follow the above steps.

How to Download Videos from Instagram?

The same service that is used to download Instagram photos can be used to download Instagram videos also, visit and post the link in the box of the site. Click on download and you will get an archived file of video or a direct video download. It is fast and easy to use, and there are tons of online services like this. This is the fastest way to download Instagram videos that you can share with anyone on different social media platforms or messengers.

Do I need to download my photos from Instagram?

It depends on your requirements whether you want to download photos from Instagram to use it in the future or you just want to have a backup of everything you post. Several times it happens that your account might get blocked because of spammy activities and if you don’t have any backup and you cannot restart everything from scratch. That is why it is necessary to keep a copy of your photos on your mobile phone through a simple method mentioned. It is easy to download photos from the profile. But it becomes complicated if your account is restricted or locked and you have no backup left with you. That is the reason everyone needs to download photos on Instagram and save them as a copy of the future reference.

The process to download your photos and videos from Instagram is simple, just have to go to the settings and enable safe original post, safely posted photos and save posted videos. Entire settings for that is mentioned in the post section, you can instantly download everything in your phone gallery with these simple methods.

It has happened to many that their account got blocked or restricted and they have lost their amazing post. It requires efforts of the best photos and pictures and then on Instagram to gather engagement. The same can be done again with a new account unless you have everything saved with you. On PC Instagram does not allow to save photos, but on a smartphone can easily save everything. It’s a good habit to download photos of Instagram unless it can be a hectic job. If Instagram does not offer you any direct option to download the data.

Instagram is more about photos and videos, this content can be used in the future. You can also repost all the photos back again after some months to create engagement or to reach share a memory. Many influencers, celebrities, artists, etc are a regular user of Instagram. With the don’t have the backup and somehow their account gets restricted is hard for them to restore everything to normal. But then it can be a complicated situation to restore everything instantly, while at the end-user you just have to move to enable certain settings to backup everything. It is not necessary to be popular to download photos from Instagram, those are usually memories so it would be sad if you lose everything.

To download videos and photos from Instagram, from other profiles you can try out the online services, but to download your videos and photos from Instagram you just need to enable basic settings that we have mentioned already above. It is going to consume space on your phone, which can backup manually on a PC and use it in the future. One issue that lies in this feature is that you cannot have the comments or the descriptions with it. You have to save all those things manually.

So right now you know how to download photos from Instagram also how to download videos from Instagram. Whether it is your profile or you just save the random image you can use different ways to store those photos. It is a lot easier on PC compared to downloading photos from Instagram on a mobile phone. Remember the online websites that offer you such services, because it is a timesaver. The only effort you have to provide a link to that post which has the photos you want. It is fast and easy and everything is downloaded on your phone.

We will also recommend you to use the bookmark feature and save feature from Instagram to create a collection of photos you want. This will save your time if you want to download images from Instagram, you had already sorted this out by saving them into collections. Just tap on the tiny label icon on the top right post to save it and go to the saved section from the top-right menu to view everything.

This is how you can download photos from Instagram instantly.

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