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Frequently Asked Questions

How does buying followers will help my Instagram account?

The number of followers on Instagram is proportional to how successful your account is. The higher the number the higher engagement you can expect. When you buy Instagram followers, you are saving years of your time and getting all the followers in one go. This will help your brand to compete against others on Instagram.

How much time does it take to get followers after I buy Instagram followers?

When you Instagram followers from us, your Instagram packages will be delivered instantly or at least within the hour. But if your requirements are high then it will take a few days to deliver all the Instagram followers.

Where can I buy active Instagram followers?

Pro Instagram is a genuine and active platform to buy Instagram followers. You can buy active Instagram followers from us anytime in any quantity, and it will be delivered instantly after the payment is confirmed.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

We are using real Instagram followers, it is completely safe to buy Instagram followers. There is no risk of getting banned or having any penalties on your account.

Do you need my Instagram password?

We do not require your Instagram password, we need the post or profile link to send you followers. We never ask for Instagram password due to security reasons.

What to do if after placing an order I do not receive Instagram followers?

We will request you to wait for 24 hours, if still, you are not getting Instagram followers then you can connect with us anytime through support and we will fix it.

How many followers can I buy?

You can buy Instagram Followers on the basis of available packages if you want more then contact us anytime through email.

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